Perspex domes

We offer Perspex domes in a variety of diameters, which are suitable for lighting, display and food industries. We also custom make domes in all types of thickness, colours and sizes. The range of domes manufactured by us passes quality standards and is checked for optics and dimensions. Our company is in the business of blowing domes and hemispheres over the last 30 years. We have unique expertise and experience in manufacturing wide variety of Perspex domes.

Our proficient team has gained knowledge and skill to blow Perspex domes from Plexiglas and Perspex acrylic sheet. The range of Perspex domes manufactured by us is frequently used for camera protection, point of sale, displays, signs, etc. Domes are commonly used at exhibitions, conferences and for other functions. They offer a brilliant way of displaying and protecting expensive and delicate products.

Domes gives great protection to your collectibles from dust and dirt, whilst enhancing a clear display. We manufacture high quality of domes with utmost precision, whilst maintaining quality standards.

Regarding the cost factor, the range of Perspex domes manufactured by us is priced at competitive rates. We give top priority to quality factor which ensures that our customers get only the quality product for their specific needs. Customers can at any time approach us and can ask for quotation. We will be happy to provide you with the best suitable quote. Browse our site to take a look at product range offered by our company.