Acrylic hemispheres

Hemisphericals are specialist manufacturers of acrylic domes and hemispheres in all shapes and forms. We stock acrylic hemispheres for various sectors including product displays, photography, movie, commercial sets, artists, students, research labs and adult industry used by dancers. The hemispheres are made of clear and sturdy acrylic (Perspex and Plexiglass). We can form the hemisphere in any color and in shape you want.

Acrylic hemispheres have such diverse uses. They could be used as domed picture protectors, make a really neat terrarium by mounting it one wall for a conversational picture. Acrylic hemispheres are such strong structures that are ideally perfect for unusual glazed deep aquarium displays, either as complete units or semi hemispherical form. In the lighter material gauges they are used for large number of display purposes where all high level of protection, security and all round visibility is required.

This acrylic domes and hemispheres are formed using very high quality cast acrylic sheet. It’s our mission to provide high quality custom plastic products in a cost effective and timely manner. So, if you are in search of such quality acrylic hemisphere you can always keep Hemi Sphericals on top of your list. They will always help you in any of your requirement of acrylic hemispheres of any size.