Acrylic domes

Hemi Sphericals are one of the leading manufacturing and suppliers of acrylic domes. They have years of experience in fabrication. We produce the top quality acrylic domes in standard and custom size with any thickness of acrylic. All domes are available in a wide range of colours and tints, also you can have them with or without flanges. Moreover, all domes are created to half the height of the diameter, but can be produced lower, if required.

Acrylic domes can be used in numerous applications from playgrounds, safari, surveillance cameras, underwater devices, display, shop fitting, theatre and television application. Our domes are renowned for their quality, clarity and accuracy.

Listed is a range of our standard sized domes, but we can produce any bespoke size, height or thickness. If you require a certain dimension that’s not listed, please call for a quote. Please note we offer the best pricing and back it all up with fast delivery!